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"A technology led  approach towards future sustainability should be complemented by the "push" of carbon trading systems"  -   Stephen V Zorbas 2005

The F.C.I.A. Pty Limited is the first dedicated fuel cell organization in Australia; The Fuel Cell Institute of Australia Pty Limited by Dir . Stephen V Zorbas: The F.C.I.A. Pty Limited was formed in year 2003 as part of a planned group of non-profit companies, designed to tackle  energy efficiency, sustainability & pollution reduction. The F.C.I.A. Pty Limited has already become the proven representative body for fuel cells technology education, development & promotion  in Australia with its ground breaking educational programs, model fuel cells car building, and forward planning. By example all high schools within Australia have received material from The F.C.I.A. Pty Limited during years 05/06 and again in years 07/08.As a result many high schools and their students have become aware of fuel cells, and how they work along with their applications. The local regional high schools(25), university(1) and TAFE college(1) received Australia's first hand built model hydrogen fuel cell cars and educational programs in years 2004/5/6. In year 2006 The F.C.I.A. Pty Limited built the world's first radio controlled model hydrogen fuel cell car for less than US$500, and demonstrated it to the above regional educational network.

The F.C.I.A. Pty Limited has worked with Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies of Singapore since ~2004, and as a result has been able to integrate Horizon's breakthrough educational fuel cells systems in Australia, due to their low cost. This relationship further allowed the F.C.I.A. Pty Limited to build Australia's first model hydrogen fuel cell cars and a world first 12watt RC model car for <US$500,highlighting how affordable fuel cells had become. A new program has been created & it is called "Towards Zero Carbon Transport". The new program has already been communicated to The NSW state government,  Federal  Department of Climate Change & Energy Efficiency and federal Minister for the same The Hon Greg Combet.    Small fuel cells 

I am pleased to report that the general usage of fuel cells as a clean electricity supply has increased significantly throughout the world in years 2012/2013.In January 2013 it was announced that Toyota and BMW will be sharing a number of technologies and jointly developing a fundamental fuel cell vehicle platform by 2020.Renault-Nissan signed an agreement (four days later)  with Daimler and Ford to join the AFCC and to jointly develop a common fuel cell system for use in separate mass-market cars from  2017.Honda and General Motors announced in early July 2013 that they have signed a co-development agreement to collaborate on next-generation fuel cell systems and hydrogen storage technologies. The companies will benefit from shared expertise and economies of scale.Hyundai is currently building 1,000 Hydrogen fuel cell electric cars to year 2015, for full commercial release.

Platinum free fuel cell results very strong pre-year 2015 http://prnw.cbe.thejakartapost.com/news/2013/german-us-fuel-cell-collaboration-demonstrates-strong-power-density-resu

                                                  Hyundai has delivered their commercial HFCV into Australia on the 10.12.2014 !   Well  done  Hyundai ! -Stephen V Zorbas                                                   


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