Central       Queensland         Cluster:

By  THE  LATE  Dr  John  E.W.  Lambert - Smith   DSc, M.R.A.C.I., Chartered Chemist (Aust.)

I personally would like to acknowledge the tremendous work done by the late Dr John E.W. Lambert-Smith, for the Fuel Cell Institute of Australia Pty Ltd. Dr John E.W. Lambert-Smith was a dedicated man of science , education and teaching. It is clear his last work/s were done when his health was very poor, yet he continued to the very end.


Central  Queensland  Cluster - Started  April  2007: 

The  Schools  involved :

1.Banana State School, 2.Baralaba State School, 3.Biloela State School, 4.Biloela State High School,  (Prospect Creek State School, Biloela), 5.Redeemer Lutheran School, Biloela, 6.St Joseph’s School, Biloela, 7.Goovigen State School, 8.Jambin State School, 9.Emu Park State School, 10.Eidsvold Secondary School, 11.Star of the Sea School, Gladstone, 12.Toolooa State High School, Gladstone, 13.Gladstone State High School, 14.Chanel College, Gladstone, 15.Monto State High School, (Monto State School), 16.St Teresa’s School, Monto, 17. Mount Murchison State School, 18.Moura State High School, (Moura State School), 19.Mulgildie State School, 20.Sandy Strait State School, 21.Taroom Secondary School, 22.Thangool State School, 23.Theodore Secondary School, 24.Wandoan Secondary School, 25.Wowan State School:

Mount                murchison           primary         school:


Dr John E.W. Lambert Smith has created a "GREEN  ENERGY" educational program for Mount Murchison School, which involves solar energy and hydrogen and fuel cell science/technologies. Mount Murchison is a school of excellence in Queensland and students will make their presentations on the topics in June 2007.Recently at The Biloela Show in May, students presented their science displays from Mount Murchison school which involved hydrogen fuel cell science/technologies and solar energy. Dr John E.W. Lambert Smith as well had discussions with other school representatives (public and private) during The Biloela Show, and as well has received a number of invitations to speak at other schools. The eminent scientist and educator went on to say that whilst students were learning about hydrogen and fuel cell science/technologies, they were as well clearly demonstrating an understanding of why water is H2O.      

"Green Energy"  Program continued


INVENTORS'        CONVENTION     Wednesday  20th  June 2007



KIDS       MAKE      HISTORY      -     and    "green"    electricity


Mount Murchison School students create history in Australia. Above is the historic newspaper article on page "5" of the Central Telegraph newspaper from Queensland Australia-13/07/07. Mt Murchison primary state school is the first primary school in Australia to run a course introducing students to the use of hydrogen fuel cells to produce electricity.

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