Fuel   Cell   Vehicle   Alliance   of   Australia (FCVAA)

Formed   in   NSW Australia  June    2006  

Below is a collection of fuel cell cars , buses and hydrogen dispensation stations;




Hyundai, Toyota and Honda on 2016 - all  commercial  hydrogen  fuel  cell  cars

  The Fuel Cell Vehicle Alliance of Australia seeks to assist the introduction of hydrogen fuel cell electric propulsion in most light and heavy vehicles in Australia.



The F.C.V.A.A. will seek to show no bias for any one make of fuel cell vehicle, nor bias to any one corporate or business entity in Australia. The F.C.V.A.A. will always seek equal offer and opportunity to all fuel cell vehicle manufacturers. When other fuel cell commercial vehicles enter Australia, The F.C.V.A.A. will begin formal procedures in creating a structure for administration and funding. The F.C.V.A.A. would like to have a fuel cell vehicle from Hyundai, Toyota, and Honda to demonstrate to visitors on a regular basis as part of the education process.

The F.C.V.A.A. is in contact with The F.C.I.A. Pty Limited(2003) and Solar Hydrogen Research P/L(1996), in communications with ITM of The UK, as relating to their MW class electrolyser system, with a view to supply renewable hydrogen for the "First Fleet" of hydrogen fuel cell cars in Sydney and The Greater West of Sydney, Melbourne and the connecting highway between Sydney and Melbourne.


     US Dep of Energy - Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Program            International Energy Agency(IEA)                California Fuel Cell Partnership

Stephen Zorbas

E-mail : fcia@fuelcells.org.au

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