Press release   - LPG as an option for Australia ? 13/08/06


"LPG is substantially cheaper than petrol today, and if you can afford  ~A$3,000 then you have saved better than most other Australians over the last five [5] years. A rebate will help to assist after ~A$3,000 has been spent on the installation of the LPG system. With the high costs of living today it is ”Rubbish” as a solution, that has no environmental pathways and contradicts a new technology led direction to sustain future low to zero emissions in the energy sector via the government’s own “White Paper” on energy. Compressed natural gas [CNG] has been advocated by the Australian Greenhouse Office [AGO] for a number of years now with financial incentives. Now options are provided for LPG which directly indicates the failing of the CNG program which should have developed many more options by now being made available to motorists.

More consistent with a technology led approach for sustainable low emissions in the transport sector, was the ninety [90] hydrogen fuel cell powered bus and hydrogen depots program put forward by Senator Campbell in October 2004.This program is directly compatible with CNG transport technology as “Bridge” plans and programs can be developed between CNG and hydrogen. Where we are today [CNG] and where we are going in the future [zero emission via hydrogen fuel cell technologies] must be integrated together [“Bridge” or “Steps”].The International Partnership for The Hydrogen Economy [IPHE] has as its main objective to make hydrogen as available as petrol by year 2020, and Australia is a party to the IPHE. The “Australian Hydrogen Activity” -May 2005 book produced by The D.I.T.R., depicts on page “1” a peak in global oil as soon as year 2016.

To make LPG as a major option here depicts a very poor record of performance in this area, and really provides no real solutions to the current price of petrol experienced by the vast majority of Australians. Still there are no plans to deal with the future peak in global oil expected before year 2015, with some experts saying year 2010, and a main agency of our own government indicating before year 2010!

Malcolm Frazer in early 1980’s stated, “Diesel will never be more expensive than petrol”. Well diesel as far as I am aware has been more expensive than petrol for some time now, so what will stop the price of LPG going higher than petrol in the future, under a government with the same mentality?"


Article by: Stephen Zorbas